Nexqo Introduces Its RFID Ticket

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Nancy   2018/02/09

RFID electronic ticket is a new type of ticket based on RFID technology. The key part of RFID electronic tickets is a high-security integrated circuit chip. And there is a unique ID number in its chip. In addition to protecting password, the data of the encryption algorithm can be used to achieve security management in RFID tickets.

Nexqo’s RFID paper tickets are made of special high quality paper material. It has many features like unique ID for anti-fraud, secure and easy access control, high capacity of data storage and so on. Clients can choose different crafts, including 4 color offset printing, magnetic stripe and barcode.

There are more than thousands of people participate some public events like exhibitions, conference venues, sports competitions and concert in general. It causes great trouble to management for organizers and venues event managers. Using RFID technology combined with database technology, positioning technology, communications and information technology, can effectively solve these problems.

Hand-held ticket checking machines and RFID tickets authenticate password with each others through wireless transmission, that is, the organizers write the same password in RFID tickets and ticket checking machines. Only the password to be wrote into the ticket which can pass through the verification of the ticket checking machine. Handheld ticket checking machine just takes 0.03 seconds to verificate ticket without alignment and contact. When the ticket officers carry out the ticket, the ticket machine shows a green light if the ticket is valid, ringing and displaying on the screen at the same time. It is fast and accurate to check tickets. Nexqo’s RFID tickets can record entry, exit and time of the tickets to effectively prevent tickets stolen or re-use.

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