Nexqo Introduces RFID Cable Tie Tag

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Nancy   2018/01/19

At present, the range of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) application is wider, and there are veriaty of the RFID tag packaging forms. Not only is it not limited by the standard shape and size, but it is also varied in composition and even requires special designs according to various requirements. Nexqo’s RFID cable tie tag, a new type of RFID tag, is becoming more popular due to its ease of use and does not affect the beauty of the product.

Nexqo is a company specializing in providing RFID hardware, the main products are hotel cards, RFID tags and wristbands. The company has been established for eight years and has a professional sales team and own factory.

Previously used RFID tags are generally stuck in the goods can not be recycled, or can only be used on smooth surfaces such as containers. Both two ways will increase the cost of the enterprise and also affect the further promotion of RFID. The novel RFID cable tie tag includes a plastic body which are packaged with an RFID tag chip and an active fastening strap. The plastic body is provided with a small hole, and the active fastening strap passes through the small hole and can be hung on the goods.

Nexqo’s RFID cable tie ties are made of nylon and ABS with a readable range of 0.5 to 6 meters. Waterproof, drop-resistant, anti-collision, can be used outdoors. Stable reading, heatproof, can be used in harsh environments. Customers can choose the appropriate crafts, and there are professional designer customized items according to customer’s demands.

RFID cable tie tags are widely used in a variety of applications where banding of items is required. RFID cable tie tags can be installed on most label products of retailers, improving consistency of read performance for large-scale retail deployment inventory tracking. In addition to supporting retail areas such as apparel, footwear and home products, RFID cable tie tags also support other areas such as aviation and logistics. RFID cable tie tags can be easily bundled in the specific location of iems without being affected by the material of binder due to the part of tags in the external place. It is used for non-contact identification and quick authentication of the bundled items so as to conveniently manage the information of item data and to meet the requirements of logistics tracking.

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