NFC Application in Medical Field

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Emma   2017/10/31

As the application of implantable medical devices is increasing, the need for further detection and maintenance of the human body is deepening. Wireless connectivity technology for this demand to lay a solid foundation. In particular, the need for implantable medical devices is a security and privacy, thereby reducing the intervention of third parties. Compared to other wireless technologies, NFC can effectively meet these needs.

In daily life, for the heat diagnosis, the heart rate to be sustained monitoring will be effective. A perfect solution is to use NFC technology to monitor heart rate. Designed Doppler radar unit can be built into the hospital’s sick clothes inside, this unit can be directly fixed to the patient’s body, the relative movement of the signal will be greatly reduced. Based on it is a short distance of the operating system, approach the electromagnetic interaction, so in the human body and space will produce a reflection between the waves.

NFC provides high-speed and safe services for hospitals. Doctors use the built-in NFC Tablet PC, in a few seconds to read all the information on the patient, and there will be no information disorder phenomenon, the necessary checks and prescriptions can be searched before the patient records, which Kind of way to ensure that the doctor again to diagnose the relevance and accuracy. Pharmacists can also quickly check the prescription to further reduce the side effects of the drug itself. In particular, NCF will continue to keep track of the diagnosis and treatment process for patients who are suffering from chronic diseases and who need frequent access or hospitalization. This technique provides a great deal of convenience for physicians to keep in mind. As a result, NFC has also become a necessary choice for wireless transmission of two medical devices. Within the allowed range, there is no delay in using NFC to transmit data

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