NFC Forum released new Technical Specifications including adds and changes in 2017

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Effie   2017/12/7

Recently, the NFC Forum announced the completion of the 2017 technical specification, which includes 21 new or updated NFC specifications covering applications such as the Internet of Things, public transportation, logistics, retail, automotive and so on.

The key points of this release includes below aspects:

The Analog Specification ensures complete interoperability between the NFC Forum device and existing RF readers and legacy cards implemented according to ISO / IEC 14443 or ISO / IEC 18092 specifications. This will enable the implementation of public transport tickets by using mobile phones and allow verification of contactless ticket cards

Require NFC tags to allow verification of NFC Forum tags. The recently launched NFC Forum Tag Certification Program has supported many specifications that can be used by service providers in many different applications, such as providing traffic schedule information at bus stops.

The updated NFC Controller Interface Specification Version 2.0 supports finer routing decisions to ensure that legacy RF applications installed on mobile phones, such as public transport ticketing, are delivered to the right application or security component.

The Logical Link Control Protocol (LLCP) Specification Version 1.3 defines the automatic establishment of secure peer-to-peer communications when both NFC Forum devices are equipped with this LLCP version. This norm prevents the risk of intercepted contact data when people contact a cell phone to exchange contact information.

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