NFC Payment Improves Customer’s Retail Experience

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Using radio frequency identification (RFID) or near-field communication (NFC) can transmit payment information from device to terminal to build a payment. For example, there are many payment ways that adopt NFC technology now, such as Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Apple Pay. In fact, contactless payments at unattended terminals represent a digital alternative to using crumpled-up dollar bills. However, it will not be confused with a payment via mobile wallets like Google Wallet, which is considered as cardless trade.

Accept is a key concept, there are many cases prove it. One of the best cases is contactless payment app of public traffic. Wind, principal product manager at worldpay thinks this huge capacity market is “uber contactless usage case”.

Wind said: “Sometimes, retailers can improve the retail experience by using their imagination rather than clients say it definitely. I think contactless payment is an important factor in this project. There is a payment case that is filled with imagination – wearable devices like smart watch.”

In fact, NFC payment has potential to build retail environment and allow clients purchase in entire store. The first ideal about how to change retail – touch and in-store purchases, is from Apple. For example, in Apple store, clients won’t go to checkout to buy the latest iPad or iPhone, staff will his or her checkout experience.

Retailers can adopt a variety of ways to achieve contactless technology to help clients get used to the concept of contactless payment. Except checkout, for example, allowing clients check in to a retailer. Retailers can offer customize in-store experience for clients though app.

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