Northeast India Schools Adopt RFID Attendance System

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There are more and more schools in India adopt RFID technology, including the schools in Meghalaya, Guwahati, Tura, Tripura, Shillong and Tinsukia in entire north east India. RFID solution companies are now looking forward to business presence in Dimapur, Imphal and Itanagar as well.

Today, the initiator of this solution in Northeast India said after realizing the huge technology distinct between mainland India and Northeast, he decided to go on and make up it. RFID technology is applied duo to the bio-metric device is out of time. This system needn’t change cards such as ATM or Thumb Impression.

Hardware device that one machine for 250 students, which equipped with SMSes, a basic school ERP attendance software. Charges only applied for service on yearly basis whereas all hardware and identity cards are free of cost.

With this system, teachers needn’t take any manual roll call in classroom or calculate the data to find out percentage of absentees each month. This system will automatically produce these data under the help of attendance software.

RFID reader is installed on playground in school. Whatever how many students in school, they will show their ID cards to the device and attend in 5 minutes after the morning meeting finished. The parents of unattended students will receive text in the phone number that they registered. Students who try to bunk classes or inform parents having extra classes school can send bulk SMS to their parents if there is no such extra classes are conducted by the school at any point of time.

These RFID cards also can be used as ID card of worker and student,from taking their attendance in the school. They also provide ID card printing service free of cost.

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