Pacific PourHouse Launches RFID-based Self-serve Beer Wall

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Nancy   2018/02/28

This month, the Pacific PourHouse opened in Union City, California. It will adopt self-service beer system that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which will allow clients to pour beer in ounces. It combines with UHF RFID technology to better control which kind of beer they brought and how much they brought for clients. For the Pacific PourHouse, the data collected by system can be used to adjust the products according to user interests and population statistics. In the future, Pacific PourHouse will make a plan to offer affiliate project for clients who offten come to the pub.

Clients can handle the beer tap by the self-service beer wall. It also can prevent underage drinking or over-consumption. iPourIt offers the solution based on RFID technology.

“We offer second this kind of self-service beer wall in Silicon Valley and we are first to be the centerpiece,” said Debu Duta, chief executive of Pacific PourHouse. However, some restaurants are adding beer wall to their pubs. Duta explain: “we can set up our business around the self-service beer wall”.

While, iPourIt points out that most of the beerwalls are installed on new facilities. According to Duta, this project also offers full-service food. Therefore, clients can gain personal service when they choose, order and accept their food even when sampling and selecting beers. Duta said: “Pacific PourHouse will be popular in young and skilled clinets who are satisfied with technology and like Craft Beer.”

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