Panasonic will Collaborate with Trial Company to Launch Walk through Checkout Solution Based on RFID Technology

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Nancy   2018/02/26

Panasonic and Trial work together on demonstrations of the industry’s first RFID-based walk through checkout solution. RFID tags will be used to manage manufacturing and distribute data.

Clients simply walk through the checkout channel with the RFID tagged product in the shopping basket. The system automatically scans the product to checkout, significantly reducing checkout time.

This also greatly reduces manpower operations – no manual checkout required. This is a more friendly solution than self-checkout or asking customers to scan their handsets with a hand-held scanner. It also adds the ability to track individual products and achieve dynamic pricing.

This solution offers a wide range of benefits to retailers and clients. In a demonstration of a walk-through automated checkout solution, both firms will explore the potential of RFID for future payment systems and reshaping the supply chain. It’s possible for multichannel retailers to combine their in-store inventory with their online sales in the future, though this is not indicated in the press release.

It’s hard not to compare Panasonic’s checkout solution with Amazon Go because they all have the same goal, but totally different solutions. Both companies are designed to simplify the checkout process in the retail environment by tracking which products customers pick from the shelves based on weight sensors and cameras. This requires a substantial investment in each store to ensure that the product can be tracked. Panasonic’s solution is a bit simpler because it only requires walking checks (though they do have cameras to track customers), but it needs every item in the store installed with RFID tags.

Both Panasonic and Amazon have the same goal of redesigning the offline retail payment business.

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