Pelham Winery Adopts IoT Technology to Reduce Operating Costs

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Canadian telecommunications giant Bell and BeWhere Technology and Huawei cooperated to create a winery that connected with the Internet of Things (IoT). Bell, BeWhere, and Huawei deployed an IoT system at Henley Hotels in Pelham Vineyard, St. Cathar, Ontario, to achieve planning and sustainability.

Bell provided a series of wireless sensors that are connected with its LTE-M network in the brewer. IoT technology is a key to the development of Bell. In June 2017, the company announced that it planned to launch LTE-M wireless network to meet the increasing demand for Internet access. LTE-M can support IoT technologies such as smart metering, home automation, smart city services, weather and environmental monitoring, asset tracking, supply chain management, and security monitoring. It has low power consumption and better coverage.

There are many benefits if the company adopts wireless environmental sensors connected to Bell’s LTE-M wireless network. For example, the winery will be able to remotely monitor temperature and water levels, prevent vine disease, and ultimately improve the health of its plants, providing for years of maintenance-free data collecting and lowering operating costs.

Catherine Wayne, Ontario Governor, praised the project and said: “The Ontario Ministry of Technology leads the developing solutions that promote sustainable development, economic development, and opportunities for the people.”

Matthew Speck, the owner of the Pelham family winery, said vineyard owners faced many challenges, but IoT technology could help them overcome these challenges. He added: “Unexpected adverse weather conditions will affect the quality of our crops, yield and mortality. Bell’s solution will increase the density of our environmental monitoring.”

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