Plume Labs company uses backpack-carrying pigeons to monitor air pollution in London

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In London, Plume Labs company which studies environmental issues and marketing agency DigitasLBi designed a project—-a small group of pigeons with small backpacks to monitor air pollution.

These rucksacks are mounted on birds with a cloth vest, the passive tag in the rucksacks which can measure the amount of dioxide in the air and the level of ozone. Just 10 birds are flying, so the amount data collected rather small. However, it is still a creative way to analyze the air that millions of people in the city breathe together.

UHF RFID Passive Tag are used to detect a particular gas, to measure its presence or content in the air near the sensor.Therefore, it is usually indispensable in safety system.

According to a report last year by King’s College London, nearly 9500 people die every year in the British capital due to prolonged exposure to air pollution. In addition, a 2014 World Health Organization report said the number of deaths caused by air pollution worldwide is as high as 7 million.

And now Londoners can look at the latest information on the level of pollution in different parts of the city through the @pigonair Twitter account. Monitoring data can also be detected in a specially built pigeon aerial Patrol website, which provides the public with a real-time trajectory map of pigeon flight and health risk for air pollution.The app, available on both Android and iOS systems, can tell you how polluted the city is and how polluted it will be in the next few hours.This way, you can check the updated air pollution information before going out, adjust your travel plan appropriately, and avoid excessive exposure to the air of harmful tank cakes.

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