Qatar Public Prosecution Leads RFID File Tracking

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Nancy   2018/02/06

The application of tracking electronic file by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology of the Public Prosecution is highest all over the world. According to the report of official Qatar News Agency (QNA), it’s an improvement of performance in 2014. It was ranked fourth worldwide and first among Arab countries at the same time.

This system allows for locating the files by using RFID to track them and visit them faster. This system also can check the mobile record of files when the files sent to Public Prosecution. The application of file tracking system in Public Prosecution as the biggest application range and result in the world. In term of the data of QNA, Qatar is leader in the application of this system all over the world.

Ibrahim Abdullah al-Qubaisi, the director of the Judicial Inspection Department at the Public Prosecution, attended at a press conference, information systems director Maryam Ibrahim Haji said: “the achievement of Public Prosecution is part of highest standard system in the information fied and tracking files in the world by the biggest project.

She said, the best technology is suitable for the induction of the development of Quart leading system in this area. And enhance its ability to keep abreast of rapid developments across all areas, and to develop necessary systems to ensure the independence of the judiciary and not prolong litigation.

An officer, working on achieving for tracking file system of Ogtec, said that the projuct excuted by Public Prosecution marks the outbreak of high technology and quility on devices. Public Prosecution starts carrying out the tracking file system in 2012.

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