QuickSafes: Hidden compartment based on RFID technology

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QuickSafes, a manufacturer of RFID-hidden compartments, has developed a variety of products including QuickVent Safe, QuickVent Safe Plus and QuickShelf Safe.

QuickSafes has developed the most advanced hidden compartment solution on the market. Using RFID technology, they provide security and accessibility. Their award-winning product design is hidden in a sight-seeing and convenient place to get it. The company is committed to continuing to develop hidden compartments, using cutting-edge technology to hide cash, medicines, important documents and weapons.

Here are a few of the product design concepts of QuickSafes:

QuickShelf Safe is the first product to use RFID technology. Simply touch your RFID card to the reading location and your bookshelf will automatically open the hidden compartment below.

QuickVent Safe was named the best new product at the 2015 SHOT show in Las Vegas. Using RFID technology, QuickVent is easy to access despite being locked in an invisible location. The QuickVent Safe is designed like an air vent that fits between two 16-inch center bolts and can be stapled to almost every wall.

ArmsReach Defender is a responsible pistol storage product that safely and conveniently stores your captain pistol. This unique product is designed to be affixed to your bed at will – ready for you in an emergency. The biometric fingerprint sensor not only hides the storage for you, but also unlocks it when you need protection.

The company said, for these products, the first line of defense is that no one knows where they are. Using RFID technology, the access point is still hidden – allowing them to turn ordinary household items into safe hiding places.

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