Red Shed Feed Launches RFID Technology Based Self-serve Feed Stores

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This week, at World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, the new company Red Shed Feed is launching a new retail and logistics technology, aiming animal feed and supplement business.

It’s reported that the key of this technology is the first convenient self-serve store concept, achieving that pet owners and livestock producers can purchase feed and supplement in any time. These new Red Shed Feed EZ stores can meet the demands and can be placed in any place including the farthest rural areas.

According to the company, EZ stores manage sales by using radio-frequency identification (RFID)-based system, and each kind of product is equipped with unique RFID tag. When the products are removed from a bay in the store, RFID reader will identify these RFID tags. With the RFID technology, the purchase process becomes simpler and faster.

This technology includes an electronic business website which enables clients to purchase products online and the products are sent to them. The company said that clients can see the available products in each store via the website to easily choose where to purchase.

Drew Ryder, Red Shed Feed co-founder, said: “Our platform solves the two big key challenges that current feed retailer and distributors faced: low inventory efficiency and poor demand visibility. We hope we can directly communicate with clients and monitor purchase trend in different fields and faster respond the changing demand of clients. One of the biggest advantages of our feed stores is the ability to locate closer to where customers live and farm.”

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