Remote Condition Monitoring Has Changed the Method of Collecting Data

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Nancy   2017/12/13

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is no longer just an illusory term, and now it’s really creating innovative solutions to problems and integrating new sensors with other embedded platforms.

Today’s Medical Development reports that the method of data collection has changed. In the past, individual users had to give orders, but now new sensors can record data by themselves without any intervention. Through automation and the Internet of Things, the number of connected devices and data is rapidly growing.

Through the data collected by sensor, users can measure and monitor valuable information. In the process product development, networked sensors can reflect the status of products and individual components in real time. IHS estimates that the IoT market will grow rapidly with 30.7 billion network-enabled devices by 2020 and 75.4 billion by 2025.

There are sensors at any place in the future, and based on this information, manufacturers can help customers reduce breakdowns and performance issues, thereby improving the design of product. In addition, future engineers do not have to record data to arrive at production line; they can know the situation at any time and propose solutions, including repairs, maintenance and more via IoT data.

All manufacturers can use the data to improve their production plans and thereby gain the opportunity to cut costs down and improve their manufacturing processes. They can record and compare the data from devices in different locations, or place the device in different operating environments and learn their differences on performance.

This process allows companies to find out the reasons for the impact of efficiency, so as to avoid finding problems until it becoms extremely serious. Finally, manufacturers can analyze the data they receive to prevent, maintain and steady plans. When coming with a problem, sensor data can help manufacturers receive alerts in necessary to maintain the optimal performance.

This is known as Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM). RCM can improve the quality of customer service, and gain the information of product status in real time, providing support services. This allows to make predictive maintenance to detect possible problems through thermal imaging, vibration, acoustic and ultrasonic analysis.

Of course, the IoT may also have security issues. The connected devices continue to transmit data and may face attacks that affect the rights and interests of consumers and the company. Although existing these doubts, but manufacturers can track the data and achieve better production performance by wise way.

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