Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel Adopts RFID Technology to Enhance Guest Convenience

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Nancy   March 13, 2018

ASSA ABLOY Hospitality announced that Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel carried out and upgraded its VingCard classic FRID door locks successfully. The Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel located in the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays. The combination of Visionline locks solution and VingCard classic FRID door locks by upgrading its old room platform based on ASSA ABLOY Hospitality to prevent the latest security threats.

The Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel gains a contactless solution that provides the latest in anti-cloning technology, with the installation of VingCard Classic RFID door locks. Through the use of encrypted data, Classic RFID keycards can’t be copied without authority by using encrypted data, hence it can provide a vital extra layer of security that is not available with magstripe technology. Due to hotel workers can remotely cancel the stolen or lost RFID keycard, the Visionline and Classic RFID door locks provide safer solution for guests. With Visionline, hotel workers can also monitor all access attempts of total hotel in real time, offering them the ability to immediately minimize the effects of a suspected security breach or even prevent one altogether.

Markus Boberg, Vice President Business Development at ASSA ABLOY Hospitality said: “We collaborated with the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel previously, now, we are very proud to once again play a part in ensuring that the property keeps only the highest level of security standards. The hotel experiences high guest volume due to its urban downtown location. We are glad to have the opportunity to improve guest convenience with solutions that streamline operations and offer the ability for greater personalization.”

Guests can have their stay extended or be re-assigned to a different room without visiting the front desk by using an online-based security access platform. Hotel also can decrease the cost and improve guest experience at the same time by offering the ability of using same RFID keycard in the different areas of hotel that equipped with Visionline. By using RFID technology, hoteliers also gain the opportunity to supply guests with a series of key format options, like keychain fobs, wristbands or stickers in order to meet to individualized demands better.

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