Retailers Uses RFID Technology to Improve Shopping Experiences for Customers

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Nancy   2018/02/01

Poor customer service can lead to the decrease of sale and brank loyalty. Dean Frew thinks Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is key to handle this problem.

The research from NewVoiceMedia shows that British businesses loss 12 billions pounds per year because of poor customer service. Many people already have adopted measures to improve clients’ shopping experiences, with the costomer experience in the forefront of most retailers.

There are many advantegies of RFID in retail. RFID can help retailers increase sales, decrease bloated inventory and enable effective omnichannel models. Besides, RFID technology can decrease the cost of stock and the time of managing stock. At the same time, the accuracy of stock is improved to 99%.

To any retailer, it’s not easy to manage the stock. However, it’s a key whether the client is satisfied. With the usage of RFID, the process becomes easier. Retailer can know the stock in which store, they can manage their stocks easily by installing RFID tag on the product. At present, some biggest retailers are using this technology to improve the experience of clients.

When clients order products online, they hope there is a choice that sents their products quickly. Either shipped to them fast or by picking it up in the store that same day. However, RFID simplifies the process to make the omnichannel experience more smooth and efficient.

Although many retailers have already used RFID technology to improve the accuracy of their stocks, RFID also can be applied to other areas. For instance, RFID tags can be inserted into wristbands and loaded wristbands with money. Clients can pay more quickly with the wristbands. At present, this way is popular at amusement parks, festivals and events. Because people don’t need to carry their wallets around and risk losing or having them stolen. However, retailers couldn’t use this technology in the future to reduce payment time. It is reported to take on average of just 0.5 seconds to finish a payment.

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