RFID Art Tracking for Instant Inventory

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Emma 2017/10/23

1.RFID Technology used in Instant Inventory
When we talk about inventory, we are not only talking about items in a warehouse, factories , also we are talking about high-end inventory property such as valuable art work that need continuously monitor. At the present time, cameras have been used in galleries and storehouses but they could not see all and can not report what is in pend or if it is being damaged with.

SPT’s rfid art tracking application can work with your camera encompassing true real-time property management and the inbuilt anti-theft system. When we are talking about valuable works of art, a strict inventory can greatly reduce or even eliminate any sort of theft and fraud. With our system installed, artwork and other high valued assets are constantly monitored whether on display in the gallery, stored in a storeroom. If they are transferred offsite or sold, the authorities will quickly be alerted for any tampering of the assets.

2.Active RFID and Barcodes for Art Tracking
Of every piece of art received in the warehouse with specific details are all recorded to a database and assigned to a RFID tag with a pre-encoded number. The tag is attached to the artwork with a Velcro strip which guarantees the tag is not hampered when the art pieces are moved. Every Velcro strip is embedded with a magnet that works with an internal magnetic switch. The tag records all that happen in the gallery or storehouse. It records everything till it is removed; magnetic seal or switch is broken, it also stores all traceable sale’s history or transport of the art piece to another gallery.

Each piece of art has a specific barcode that is assigned a tag which records everything in the back-end. We install antennae which could cover the gallery that ensures inventory is recorded every ten minutes, providing multiple users with accurate inventory data. Another feature here is that gallery managers can now provide art pieces for their customers from other galleries as they have the position of the pieces within the company’s various locations. All this can be done within a ten minute period as our state of the art inventory software enables the user to run automated counts at any moment.

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