RFID Asset Managment

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Emma   2017/11/6

Unique serialized identification and no line-of-sight requirements make RFID technology ideal for automatic asset tracking and management. Whether for inventory control, security, or regulatory compliance, RFID enables quick, accurate tracking of assets, providing greater visibility, deterring theft, increasing productivity, and lowering organizational costs.


Greater Visibility

With unique serialized identification and because RFID has no line-of-sight requirements, RFID technology enables asset tracking with an automation and on a scale just not previously possible.

For vast warehouses, factories, or data centers, taking inventory of key assets manually or via bar-code readers is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and error-prone. Using tags on assets, and with readers placed on exit and entrance points, inside cabinets, or on equipment racks, RFID technology enables quick, accurate, automatic inventory taking, providing visibility into asset location as often as needed.


Increases Productivity

Knowing where an organization’s assets are at all times, when last accessed, and by whom provides management with accurate usage information while deterring theft of valuable equipment.Accurate usage information means an organization can hold adequate levels of frequently used equipment and let go of any that languishes unused, thereby reducing capital equipment and operational costs. It also supports better equipment maintenance. And when employees do not have to waste time tracking down equipment necessary to their job function, their productivity rises.


Security and Compliance

For assets requiring secured storage, such as certain pharmaceuticals, RFID technology enables controlled access to key materials without hindering the efficiency of legitimate users. For assets where regulatory compliance necessitates frequent inventory audits, RFID technology facilitates accurate record keeping in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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