RFID-based Coca-Cola Vending Machines Have Been Experimented at the University of Reading

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Nancy   March 19, 2018

Now, as the Coca-Cola European Partner (CCEP) conducts experiments at the University of Reading in the UK, aiming to reduce the number of packaging products and create a more sustainable campus environment. This kind of thinking is increasingly becoming mainstream.

This project combines the latest Coca-Cola soda dispensers-the new Freestyle vending machine and refillable containers.

The freestyle beverage machine has 30 built-in containers for soda, juice, tea and water, which can also be mixed to 100 combinations. Each container is affixed with an RFID tag and the beverage machine is equipped with an RFID reader. This RFID system achieve that beverage machines track the types and amounts of beverages consumed by customers. Then the data was passed back to the data processing center of the headquarters of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, where an assessment report was generated and it was known which beverages were successful, analyzing regional preferences and other marketing issues.

This personalized refillable bottle with RFID tag has been produced by Whirley-Drinks Works and purchased within the university. Users can enjoy it during the semester.

Coca-Cola European partners and universities have joined forces to monitor the impact of the project on recycling and the littering of soft drinks in the area where the vending machines are located. They also communicate about experience with students and faculty members. Students also have the opportunity to enjoy drinks and different tastes that are not available in British shops. At the same time, single filling and limited refilling options are also available.

Nick Brown, sustainability director for the Coca-Cola European partner in the UK, said: “While supporting the more sustainable packaging system on campus, this experiment can also enable us to explore and understand user behavior and attitude towards refillable bottles.”

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