RFID electronic tag PK traditional bar code “6” big advantage

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Effie   2017/10/31

In recent years, with the rapid development of technology, to build intelligent life, to make life, work have undergone a qualitative change in various industries, RFID tags play an important role, with its unique advantage. And it is applied in the logistics, warehousing, Libraries, alcohol, senior luxury goods, high-end clothing, passports and all kinds of documents, such as these areas.

RFID radio technology can quickly identify and read accurately, its storage capacity can not only greatly meet the various enterprises to improve the goods and the efficiency of information management, but also help dealers and manufacturers to quickly interconnect information, timely recept and Response information. While the traditional bar code can not identify multiple labels with small information capacity, not strong security and many other deficiencies, , although the cost is low.

Traditional bar code has some limitations with low security , the paper carrier is easy to be damaged, and its storage capacity is small, compared to traditional bar code, RFID tags have the following six major advantages.

1.Scan Fast

RFID tag identification is accurate and correct, the identification distance is flexible,  simultaneously identify and read multiple tags.  RFID tags can do the communication and barrier-free reading without any object coverage.

2.the data memory capacity

The maximum capacity of RFID tags is MegaBytes. The the amount of information carried by the object in the future will continue to increase, the data capacity of memory carrier developed according to the corresponding needs of the market, and also constantly expanding in a stable upward trend currently. The prospect is very impressive.

3.Anti-pollution ability and durability

RFID tags are highly resistant to water, oil and chemicals. In addition, the data are stored in the chip of RFID tags, which can effectively prevent damage caused by data loss.

4.Can be reused

RFID tags have the ability to add, modify, and delete data stored in RFID tags to facilitate the replacement and updating of information

5. Small size, shape diversification

RFID tags are not limited by the size or the shape, so there is no need for the fixation and printing quality of the paper for read accuracy. In addition, RFID tags are also miniaturized and diversified to apply to more different products.


RFID tags carry electronic information, the data content is protected by the password, the security is extremely strong, which is not easy to be forged, altered, stole and so on.

RFID tags are widely used in various industries because of the unique advantages.

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