RFID handheld devices makes driving test more standard, makes driving safer

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In recent years, with the continuous increase of private vehicles, more traffic accidents occur, and some of the basic operational errors led to the occurrence of accidents. Therefore, our country’s driving test more and more stringent in recent years, to ensure that each person’s driving skills before getting a driver’s license. After July 1, a new policy on driving tests began, including to use hand-held RFID devices for face recognition.

RFID handheld device is the new face recognition function in the stage of learning, and it is the common identification technology of the second generation identification in the current status identification application. According to the requirements of the new requirements, at least to have these two functions, such as system inspection before you can practice. At the same time, the trainees in the practice of training, the coach needs to punch in, and the system takes photos to check in, and then with the college to punch in.

Compared to the previous driving test, I believe we all have a deep experience: at this stage through management, has become more and more standardized and rigorous. Although we will encounter a lot of difficulties in the course of learning to drive, but it protects the traffic safety in the future. As an important power of artificial intelligence, RFID handheld devices has become the core of Internet application in the times, and also the future of process reform and planning.


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