RFID label is used in ETC on highway for payment

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RFID label is now playing an important role in ETC (electronic toll collection) system instead of traditional cards. You just need to stick an activated label on the windshield, get it prepaid, then you can go on the highway without stopping at the entrance and exit, waiting for getting the card and returning, paying, etc. which saved people lots of time in lining up.

The combination of RFID chip and antenna under a label made it an RFID label, normally works together with the system /software, data encoded in the RFID label would be transmitted to the server or computer. The RFID reader set at the gate can detect the user’s information from 10 meters’ distance or above, thus when the car passing by the toll gate, it doesn’t need to stop to wait for the reader’s reaction.


The label is normally designed with cutting lines, in this case, when someone is trying to tear the label off and transfer to his own car, the label destroyed. Besides, printing on the front side or back side are both available, sequential number printing on the label or release paper is also optional.


Main Feature:


Cashless payment




Hardware set:

RFID label

RFID reader

Server /computer

Toll gate

Nexqo provides RFID label with anti-counterfeiting function, like hologram, anti-counterfeiting patterns, etc. Individual printing is available, customer can print personal information, barcode and QR code on each label. We also provide encoding service as per customer’s requirements.

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