RFID Tags are Installed in Amarnath Pilgrims’ Vehicles to Enhance Security

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Wednesday, the central government has decided to install Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) tags in vehicles that drove by pilgrims to enhance the security for pilgrims travelling to Jammu and Kashmir in annual Amarnath yatra.

RFID devices read and collect the information in the tags that attached to objects by using radio wave. For example, RFID tags are attached to vehicles, using RFID sensor can read the information of the vehicles.

RR Bhatnagar, director general of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPE), said the CRPF, Jammu and Kashmir police and the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board, being published the pilot project.

He said: “Under the project, we decide to do a test that all the vehicles carried pilgrims will gain RFID tags from the coming year. The information related to vehicles will be stored digitally and shared with concerned departments. This will ensure the pilgrims’ security and proper monitoring.”

Other offices in the home ministry said that this decision was made after the militant attack event that caused the death of eight pilgrims last year. They found that the attacked bus was not registered with the Amarnath shrine board. With RFID technology, polices can track all the vehicles in real time and handle well the emergency in time.

Bhatnagar said: “When individual or tour operators register to go to Amarnath yatra, these tags will be attached to their cars. The yatra in this year will begin on June 28 and will continue until August 26.”

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