RFID Tags are Used to Track Kids in Surajkund Crafts Mela

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Nancy   2018/01/31

On 27 Jurnary, Ram Bilas Sharma, Haryana Tourism Minister said that the thirty-second Surajkund International Crafts Mela will be held at Faridaba from Feburary 2 to 18 this year. It’s a friendly activity for children that emphasizes zero tolerance towards kid rights violation. This exhibition is held by Surajkund Mela Authority, Union ministries of tourism, culture, textile and external affairs, Haryana tourism firm and Haryana tourism department.

This year, Uttar Pradesh has been chosen as the theme state. There are more than 20 countries and all sates in India will attend this exnibition. The exhibition will adopt various procedures that are suitable for kids, including establishing child-friendly space, office and staff, wards of officials and workers, first aid booths, breastfeeding booths, lost and found centres and stalls for children with special needs.

In this situation, the family with kids under 14 years old must regiter in sepcific service desk that established by police. Each kid will gain a RFID tag to help track them in case they get lost.

Sharma says: “Besides protecting kid rights by hoardings, the RFID tag tracking system will be carried out in the exhibition. When registering, each kid will be offered a RFID tag which includs the name of kid and parents, phone number and other related imformation. If any kid wander on the street, police can read the tag of kid by RFID reader. Then, the location of kid will be set to the cellphones of his/her parents.”

These measures are supported to Male Tourism department this year by the Haryana state commission for protection of kid rights, and women and child development department.

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