RFID technology digitizes paper companies

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Obviously, digitization has left a mark on the paper industry. Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper is impressive, with workers producing high quality paper around the clock. To maintain an overview of the multi-step production process, Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper uses RFID-based identification solutions.

Since 1896, Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper has been produced for Europe’s largest printing plant. Hagen, based in Westphalia, Germany, originally produced newspapers; now it specializes in the production of coated papers in high quality catalogs and magazines.

Hagen’s production errors can mean that thousands of meters of paper are wasted. Therefore, in order to pay close attention to the production of each roll of paper, Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper uses an IDS-customized RFID solution with 26 RFID reading devices from SICK’s sensor experts.

At Hagen’s factory, there are a total of 26 UHF-RFID readers from SICK to decipher the passive tags on the core. Depending on the reading distance, the RFU620 has a scan range of up to 1 meter and the RFU630 has a larger scan range. Passive RFID tags do not have a source of energy and require periodic inspections, which are more reliable than active tags during processing. They are ideal for objects subject to heavy mechanical stress, such as tambour cores.

In keeping with the development of ‘Industry 4.0’, Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper is laying the foundation for Hagen’s RFID-based “Rolf” system for future “smart” factories. The company demonstrates that proven production machines and state-of-the-art network technologies can be efficiently integrated through the right system solutions.

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