RFID Technology Enhances the Efficiency of Transportation

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In December 2017, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology was used at ports on western corridor, which cuts down the standing time in managing goods, transportation and storage. Logistics Databank System (LDB), a main technology solution of DMICDC Logistics Data Services, plays an important role in the entire process. DMICDC Logistics Data Services is a special tool of a government entity, the National Industrial Corridor Development and Implementation Trust (NICDIT) and Japan’s NEC Corporation.

After the service is carried out on the western corridor, it now being extended to three ports on the southern corridor — Kattupalli, Krishnapatnam and Ennore, as well as at JNPT’s new terminal, Bharat Mumbai Container Terminal Pvt Ltd.

Rohit Chaturvedi, CEO of TransportHub.in, said: “LDB offers real-time digital visualization for movement of container. LDB is a cloud based, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) solution via using RFID technology. It offers a single window to check the location of container in total process from ports to container freight stations (CFSs) and inland container depots (ICDs).

Real-time tracking helps reduce the standing time of goods in CFS and ICD. The standing time at CFS and ICD on western corridor decreases by 26.7 percent. RFID sealing tag also can be used at the manufacturer’s site for factory-stuffed exports. RFID technology is becoming a key driver, even in the India express industry of transportation and delivery over the nation. According to Vijay Kumar, COO, Express Industry Council of India, RFID technology promotes key functions like tracking, arrangement and handling of client conversations.

To be sure, RFID technology is still at early stages of development. Although it has be applied widely, it only helps post facto in its present form, Chaturvedi notes. The use of IoT for preventive measures has not been adopted by companies yet. However, RFID technology can minimise the cost of logistics and simplify operation.

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