RFID Technology Helps Manage the Data of MICA-an Open Platform

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At resent, the postgraduate students from the Centre for Dictoral Training in Embedded Intelligence at Loughborough University face the challenge from Harting to investigate practical application solutions. MICA in the solution is a company’s open platform based ruggedness industrial edge computing device, could be applied to the benefit of UK manufacturing. Based on the concept of machine predictive maintenance, the aim is simplifying seamless integration within existing established production processes. The main objective was to improve return on investment (ROI) and productivity immediately, therefore satisfying the rising trend for Integrated Industry 4.0 implementation on the factory floor.

Aiming to volume manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, there is a suggestion that especially those companies that use punch tools and automated presses to manufacture tablets.

The data from these machines can be collected by using passive UHF RFID metal transmitter which can be added to all the existing presses and installed to the actual punch/press-die tools. The reading and writing data in RFID label which can record pressing process, then, the system can predict limitation by setting up the normal life for the chip to check the data.

Those data can be managed and processed though Harting’s edge devices, then automatically inform the operator to maintain to replace the special models before coursing failure both in catastrophic tool and production line. Unforturentaly, it’s still a very common phenomenon.



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