RFID Technology is Applied to Cold Chain Transportation

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In the modern cold chain transportation industry, the supplier not only cares about the identification of its products but also cares about its associated temperature. The RFID temperature label can meet the requirements of cold chain transportation temperature monitoring because it can store data of digital identification and temperature information at the same time. The RFID temperature label provides energy for temperature acquisition and storage through a built-in battery, which can independently complete the data acquisition and storage. When the label close to the RFID reader, it can complete the data exchange via obtaining energy from the reader. The temperature label has a very low current consumption. The RFID temperature label complies with the standard of the ISO/IEC 18000 UHF temperature label.

According to the needs of cargo transportation, when the product is out of the warehouse the temperature label is affixed to the surface of the object to be measured, and the temperature range is set. The label will record the temperature in real time. If the temperature exceeds the set temperature range, an alarm will be issued. When the products are in stock, workers can easily, quickly and accurately sort the goods according to the RFID label information and verify whether the temperature meets the storage temperature by using RFID handheld terminal. At the same time, the terminal will synchronously transmit the temperature data into the database.

The RFID temperature label can be used to record the ambient temperature of all aspects of the goods before they are produced, such as production, transportation, sales, and to achieve full temperature traceability. Therefore, it can effectively distinguish the problem of accident liability and can be applied to both the transporter and the consigner of the goods. RFID temperature labels are more suitable for refrigerating vehicle temperature monitoring due to their real-time tracking, the peculiarity of reading several labels at the same time, and good expansibility.



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