RFID technology makes breast surgery more accurate

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In the past, standard methods of positioning have been related to wire hooks, as well as recent radioactive seeds, to identify non-palpable breast lesions for resection. Although many hospitals still use these methods, they are hampered by complex regulations and potential complications, such as unexpected wire or seed migration, patient discomfort, logistical and workflow challenges, and increase the pressure for patients and providers.

Dr. Dona Hobart, director of breast surgeons and medicine at the Carol Hospital Breast Health Center, said, “With the added precision and depth made possible with LOCalizer, we’re able to measure specimens with more accuracy than ever before, and in turn, tailor surgery appropriately, which is critical in delivering the exceptional level of care that our patients deserve and expect.” The LOCalizer is a radio frequency identification (RFID) breast lesion localization system that uses the latest technology to help guide surgical removal of inaccessible lesions.

The LOCalizer RFID breast lesion localization system includes a miniature non-radioactive RFID tag designed to implant a lesion 30 days prior to surgery, a radio frequency identification tag patcher, a handheld reader and a sterile probe. The mobile handheld reader includes an integrated ring probe that can be used directly on the skin to determine the location and distance to the lesion and to plan the surgical path in millimeter resolution. During the resection process, a disposable, pencil-sized surgical probe can help the surgeon directly reach the lesion and use audio tone guidance.

Each tag has a unique identification number and is packaged in a proprietary, anti-migration jacket that allows for better identification of the RFID tag and keeping it in place. On ultrasound, x-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the label is clearly visible, allowing for flexible placement of multiple imaging modalities. The LOCalizer RFID breast lesion localization system is a product of the Faxitron Bioptics and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Using this RFID-enabled positioner, the patient experience can be enhanced, making it easier for surgeons and care teams to perform breast positioning surgery, ultimately driving better overall care and results.

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