RFID Technology Solves Problems in Restaurant Supply Chain

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Avery Dennison’s radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is mainly used to solve many problems in supply chain. Meat and produce are packed with RFID labels and stored at the suppliers. Workers can use reader to track goods. RFID label can set real-time information of goods to cloud that can store and offer analysis data for workers.

Dennison said: “You must see the bar code and scan each product one by one. However, RFID reader can read these information in seamless, even if the RFID label is invisible.”

RFID label can store more information than standard bar code to know the origin of product deeply and help restaurant track inventory efficiently. It can help restaurant know where each product is and tell the lifecycle of product to clients. At the same time, it can also help restaurants track the location of product in food security problems.

Restaurants can also use RFID technology to improve the efficiency in product sales and marketing activities. Dennison noted: “Once restaurants know the accurate number of their stocks, they can do flash promotions and sure that there are enough stocks to achieve it. For example, a restaurant chain has a green St. Patrick’s Day milkshake. Before, they didn’t do any promotion in this area thanks to they can’t make sure what inventory they have in these area. With RFID technology, they can know more about the inventory in this area. Therefore, it allows restaurants do more promotions when there are rest inventory. That increased visibility helps restaurants better serve customers and generate growth.”

This RFID technology is integrated with FreshMarx solution of Avery Dennison. It solves the problems from freshness and ingredient labeling to stock and automated temperature tracking. It also offers insight to food business in each restaurant for businesses and business leaders and helps save cost.

Hardgrave said: “Because Avery Dennison works with other companies and creates new RFID solutions, Avery Dennison has been a leader for a long term. Freshmarx solution removes much manpower and decreases food waste. It all comes together to ensure food is of proper quality, helps improve restaurant’s reputation and increases sales.”

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