RFID Tracking System in Graziery

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Nancy   2018/01/16

Due to the characteristics and advanced nature of RFID technology, it is an inevitable trend to be applied to animal tracing. Through the RFID technology to develop animal identification and traceability systems, mainly animal husbandry, transportation, slaughtering and tracking control, the animals are traced when diseases outbreak. The health authorities trace animals that may be infected with the disease to determine their ownership and history by this system. At the same time, the system also provides real-time, detailed and reliable data on animals from birth to slaughter.

Animal husbandry automatic identification traceability system is divided into three levels, including management center, control center, quarantine station. The system consists of animal tag, RFID reader and writer device, RFID handheld reader, electronic tag writing and automatic identification software.

There are five benefits of this system, such as Automatic Identification: This system realises animal identification code, making the quarantine staff can easily get an animal’s growth, disease, quarantine conditions by using handheld devices. Efficient Traceability: The system tracks the entire life cycle of an animal, keeping track of every aspect of the animal’s life cycle and backing it up to the Information Management Center. Convenience: System centralized management of fully electronic data, making many works of seeking data to be done by the server, saving a lot of manpower and time. Security: The system adopts a new generation of Cantechs Technology RFID tags which designed for animals, identify response is quicker, the average failure rate is lower, to ensure that the identification of tag security, timeliness and stability. Improving the management level: centralized management and distributed control; this system regulates the supervision and management of the epidemic and reduces unnecessary links so that emergencies can reach the top management level for the first time so that the incidents can be dealt with promptly.

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