Roadster Go Unmanned Stores Speed up Shopping Process

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The franchise partner of Myntra has launched the first fashion retail stores for the personal brand called Roadster, Roadster Go. Roadster’s second offline store in Bengaluru offers high technologies in the Indian fashion retail for its clients in offering huge development – making it smarter, faster and seamless.

The store at Mantri Mall in Malleshwaram spreads across 1,900 square feet. With RFID technology, the store enables customers to buy products offline and online. It’s a first store that clients can pick up their favourite products without any help, know their price at the real time, and complete the self-checkout in 30 seconds.

Clients can find products on the digital fashion kiosks. Store adopts RFID digital screen to offer the details about special products. Customers can find model worn them with all functions such as material, color matching, available size, washes and suitability to body type.

The store has removed long queues and delayed check-out. Clients can put all products on the RFID tray that can automatically identify them and complete self-checkout in 30 seconds. The details of products collected by the tray will display on the screen immediately. The payment will be completed by using debit/credit card upon confirmation.

All the Roadster Go stores in the country will integrate inventory and concept of Endless Aisle, this enables clients can see the collections online store, check the availability and details, and send products to their houses or collect them at the store.

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