Safaricom’s mySafaricom App Updates Brings New Functions

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Nancy   2017/12/27

Safaricom speeds up m-Pesa payment of NFC and based on QR code by upgrading its consumer app, thus, increasing the number of payment methods to smartphone user.

Joseph Ogutu, Safaricom’s strategy director, said, “In 2016, we introduced mySafaricom app as a convenient and modern method for smartphone users to interact with our services. This new upgrade brings a series of changes, it will increase the convenience and ease when our clients interact with our different services.

The operator added funcation of contactless NFC technology payment in the upgrade of mySafaricom at participating retailers in Kenya. It follows the launch of three devices debuting tap payments using m-Pesa in May.

The first 1 Tap products include the sticker on the back of smartphone to offer tap payment on cellphone. It connects using with its chip rather than uses the NFC function inside of many devices.

This company also adds QR code payment tool in the app, besides supporting NFC. Safaricom is distributing kits to other network companies to support the new method. The new app offers some data and cash management funcation. Bill management is able to manage all the bills in one place and offer a list of popular bills and those frequently accessed by a user.This new funcation improves the accuracy without inputing PayBill number and improve the speed of payment by decreasing the process before. Clients can also set bill reminders through the Bill Manager funcation.

The upgrade follows the company’s strategy of adding new technology to enhance the security of mobile payments and decreasing the process for users. Earlier in December, Safaricom added voice control to its key m-Pesa service and is in the process of introducing a photo ID system its merchants can use to identify clients.

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