SALTO Intronduces New AElement Fusion Electronic Lock

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Nancy 2018/03/07

In the hotel industry, hotel key cards with RFID chips have gradually replaced traditional keys. RFID technology has provided a lot of convenience for people’s life. Applications of RFID technology like NFC payments such as Google Pay, staff and asset management can save time, labor and cost.

Unfortunately, criminals have started to use the bug of RFID technology, it seriously affects the security of RFID technology. For example, thieves can invade the hotel room to steal tenant’s belongings. When we are using RFID technology, we should be aware of the hotel key card security risk.

Hotels should also take more secure measures to prevent hotel key card hack. Not long ago, SALTO introduced a new AElement Fusion electronic lock incorporating innovative features. This electronic lock is compatible with JustIN Mobile applications for mobile access, and adopting data card technology on the SALTO virtual network (SVN) card and SALTO BLUEnet wireless technology for real-time access control management.

Mark Handels, chief marketing and sales director for SALTO Systems, said: “For more than a decade, our intention was to create an invisible electronic hotel lock.” AElement Fusion is the vision for this. It includes the new innovative technologies like JustIN Mobile applications, allowing guests and employees to use their smartphones as keys. The Justin Mobile app works on most smartphones, such as iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy 9. ”

AElement Fusion electronic lock adopts a round card reader, the appearance of the reader is small and simple. It can be perfectly integrated into the hotel room door, thereby replacing the door lock components. The electronic components of the lock are encased inside the door, it’s more secure. This electronic lock is compatible with Bluetooth, RFID technology and applications.

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