Samsung C&T Introduces Its Latest IoT System

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An employee enters the room and waves his/her hand, then the curtain opens automatically. In fact, it is achieved by the communication between curtain that is connected internet and smart watch the employee is wearing. The movement caught by sensors in the watch triggered the curtain.

Lazy house owners or people who dislike wearing watch can also control the furniture easily. Because the smart curtain in the room and other functions can be controlled by smartphone or voice command.

“Most concepts will be achieved at the end of this year and can be applied in actual houses in the coming year. The company plans to presell nine apartments in the coming year, they are the main targets of the latest internet of things (IoT) system,” said Baek Jong-taek, a senior vice president at Samsung C&T.

Kim Myung-suk, vice president of the product design group at Samsung C&T, said: “Whether all the apartment units should be equipped with this system depending on the discussion of people related to interests such as apartment owner. IoT system as a premium option only can be offered to residents that want extra smart home features.”

In order to make the houses including 19 different IoT products and services work, the company cooperates with other 12 companies, such as electronic curtain provider Somfy, massage chair maker Bodyfriend, speaker maker Harman International, air quality management company Haatz and SK C&C, SK’s IT service unit with expertise in artificial intelligence.

“We welcome more partners who would like open parts of the software to create a richer smart home environment, including Samsung rival LG Electronics.” said the constructor.


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