Sato uses RFID technology to develop a system for managing wine cellars

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Sato has partnered with Tokyo Baycourt Club Hotel & Spa Resort to develop an inventory management system that utilizes RFID technology. The system optimizes the resort’s inventory operations and improves the accuracy of inventory management. This is the first such system used by the Japanese hotel industry.

The system uses UHF RFID tags specifically designed by Sato. When attached to an item containing a liquid, the RFID read rate is often disturbed and cause problems. However, the bottle label developed by Sato allows for error-free reading from 50 cm away. Because the label is not directly attached to the bottle, it has no effect on the quality of the wine. The RFID tag is also paired with the security tag to prevent it from falling off or being replaced.

Tokyo Baycourt Club is a resort operated by Resorttrust, located in the Odaiba entertainment district of Tokyo. The company prepared about 5,000 bottles of wine for restaurants, bars and lounges. When stocking these wines, the winemaker was asked to carefully and laboriously process each bottle of wine separately and manually enter the details into the purchase system. So the hotel wanted to find a faster, more accurate system to simplify the process.

With RFID tags, Tokyo Baycourt Club can now scan multiple bottles through contactless operations and automatically register inventory in their purchase system, greatly reducing inventory time. At one of the resort’s restaurants, two employees spent eight hours (16 hours in total) before using the system. After the upgrade, the operation required only one employee and two hours, saving 88% of the workforce.

Katsuhiro Kawamura, head of operations at the Tokyo Baycourt Club, said, “Thanks to the RFID system, we can simplify our hard inventory process and reduce the errors caused by human error.” It also improves the accuracy of inventory management, allowing us to view immediately. Inventory, which will reduce the risk of losing our bottles. We are considering the use of RFID for other products, and to extend the system to hotels in the future.

Katsuhiko Aihara, head of the beverage department at Tokyo Baycourt Club, said: “We implemented RFID technology to enhance our internal controls. By using RFID in our inventory, we digitized our wine list to ensure transparency in inventory management. If successful, we will be able to achieve paperlessness, save manpower in updating our wine inventory work, speed up our response time to our customers, and reduce the total work time. I expect this system will bring a good return on investment.”

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