SATS Offers IoT and RFID Solutions in Retail

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Nancy   2018/01/23

SATS Global Solutions (SGS), showing its RFID, IoT, inventory visibility and raleted store performance solutions to bring the best part of digital shopping experierace into physical store at National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail show that is being held in New York City from January 14 to 16, 2018.

The latest Retail Systems Research shows that 70% retailers surveyed think IoT changes their business methods sharply. SGS is deploying to show the cases of IoT ability in store by cooperating with retailers. Retailers can re-imagine customers how to interact with stores by using connected devices like RFID tag and sensor, digital scanners, printers and displays. These devices can offer high qulity service by store staff and make store itself encourage customers and push sales with related behaviour.

IoT is known as complex, fussy and expensive, it needs hardware, software and internet correctly. In fact, SGS shows how IoT can be disployed in stages. SGS promote to adopt IoT by establishing connected point between store staff, customers and inventory. These connected points offer a window for behaviour, option and operative data to offer a seamless retail experience by integrating them.

At present, cheap chip and interests are enable to attract the Millennial Generation and digital product retail brand. The combination of cheap RFID tags and sensors in clothes can be used to identify the place data in products. It is enable to network share each related tag inventory good place and statu imformation in real time with store partner, including produts, goods in wrong place, inventory in fitting room or the alerts in store display.

Customers also get benefits from RFID tags. Once put into fitting room, RFID tags can fill with digital scanner atomticlly, display needed, sales and historical produts. It related with the loyalty data of customers. Like shopping online, customers can gain personalised produts upselling imformation and the chance of becoming store member.

The SGS VISION retail platform seamlessly connects all IoT inputs to continuously collect data and serve up actionable insights, whether to customers or store associates. The platform is designed to be expandable, sustainable and scalable, simplifying digital implementation and creating a foundation for future IoT development. The net result of this strategy is a “smart” store that improves the in-store experience for all stakeholders, shoppers, store associates, managers and even supply chain partners.

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