Smart Packaging Enhances Food Safety

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Today, in challenge retail market, snack and baking manufacturers must find a new way to attract clients and connect with them. One way is using smart packaging. Clients are very care about how package pack and protect products. They pay attention to an easy way to use and convenient packaging, which consists with the way that they plan to store and use products. The more value package add, it has more possibilities to help build brand loyalty.

The advance of some package design is functional, for example, a re-closable packaging. However, other new smart package design can do far more. With the development of technology, those new forms have endless potential.

With the extension of Internet of Things (IoT), a huge and connected data network consists with a normal object and machine, package is sharing data with connected home in the future. Maybe, when the box of cereal is empty, it can send an alert to you. Therefore, you can go to store in case your kids have nothing can eat in the next morning.

IoT and packaging technology also can be combined to improve the security of food in the future. The micro IoT sensors that used to monitor time and temperature can be attached to the packaging of products in store to make sure that clients purchase perishable products which are safe and fresh. These smart packages even can provide recipe suggestions to clients who use other ingredients that are part of the “smart” kitchen.

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