Smoove Introduces RFID-based Electric Bicycle Sharing to Paris

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Nancy   2018/03/01

Smoove, global bicycle sharing company, shows that the remarkable international growth. At present, Smoove has more than 30 thousand electric bicycles all over the world. Smoove also will apply electric bicycle to the old cities in Paris to start the new smart bicycle project.

The company launches a new smart electric bicycle mixed solution called Smoove Box. The effect of Smoove Box is converting bicycle to smart bicycle. The theory is adding a motor on front wheel and installing battery in the bicycel frame. Smoove bicycle can be locked and fixed on the docking station that bicycle can be charged, it is same as any bicycle sharing system.

The communication part of Smoove Box identifies rider by a simple reader that is similar with the reader used in public traffic network. It also can be used to smartphone with NFC or simple visiting code. The company has installed RFID/NFC reader in the user card and offered piézo small electric keypad for user. There is a FRID tag read system in bicycle frame to further secure the bicycle station. Smoove includs a Zigbee wireless radio transmitter-receiver that can be charged by solar-powered relay box of bycycle station. The information is send to central server via GPRS.

Smoove also has a “parking overflow” funcation. Although the docking station operates with full capacity, user also can park bicycle with this funcation. It means that many electric bicycles can be used. It also offers extra security for company’s three patents and locking system.

Smoove has already deployed globally in several cities, from Vancouver to Marrakech, and Helsinki to Moscow, and now the greater region of Paris will add an extra 24,000 smart electric bicycles from the Smoove Network. This also means building and installing 1,400 stations throughout the city for the first quarter of 2018.

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