Smyrna Public Library Speeds up Checkin and Checkout of Materials

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On May 7, the second year of a project to speed up the checking in and out of library materials was approved unanimously by the Smyrna City Council. Smyrna Public Library is the oldest city-operated library in the state of Georgia. Smyrna residents, real property holders and business/corporations holding a Smyrna business license can get free library cards.

Envisionware, a company of Duluth offering Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution and self-service, was awarded the $46,702 contract including the tagging of all physical circulating library materials with RFID tags and the installation of new security gates, a staff tagging station and staff check-in stations. Each material will be affixed with an RFID tag that has unique data. The check-in and check-out process can be easily performed by scanning the label on the material. If someone leaves with a material that has not been checked out of the library, the library’s security gate will send an alert to the staff.

Councilwoman Susan Wilkinson who sponsored this legislation said: “RFID technology will speed up check-in and check-out of materials in the library, improve security and provide a more accurate inventory of collections.”

In the first year, Envisionware installed three self-service stations. And customers checked out materials by using the existing library barcodes but the self-check units are RFID ready. According to Wilkinson, the RFID software by Envisionware “will work seamlessly” with the library’s hardware and network. This library also uses Envisionware for its print management systems and public computer reservation.

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