Spire smart Tags track health data hided in clothes

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Effie   2017/11/20

(Rabbit) Spire company hopes to make fitness tracking easier by designing a unique wearable device. The company recently released a spire Health tag device that is small in size and can be affixed to clothes for use as a personal health tracker.

Spire Health tag can track your heart rate, breathing, activity, sleep patterns, and real-time stress levels, which can be sent to smartphones via Spire Health tag, and then offer real-time advice to users, such as deep breathing when pressure reaches its maximum figure ,and do not need to wear a hand ring or inconvenient chest strap for this purpose.

Spire Health Tag, as a label which can be hidden in clothes and do not need to be recharged because its built-in battery can last for 18 months. At the same time, Spire Health tag can be directly placed in the washing machine and dryer cleaning. Its design concept is that wearable equipment should be integrated with our clothing.

In general, wearable devices are currently in a single form and have not yet been able to solve daily maintenance problems. For example, charging or data collection have large limitations on the operability. Spire said consumers had begun to treat wearable equipment as a gimmick, and they would throw it aside even after buying it for a while.

“We can get personalized guidance through apps, pick out the data we care about from it, and focus on keeping us awake, active and less nervous,” Palley said.

Spire will tell us some very interesting data, such as you sleep more 26% time than usual last night, to remind you to take a quick breath at night before going to bed, today’s activities less 22%  than usual and so on.

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