T-Systems Has a Partnership with Embratel to Improve the IoT Service

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Nancy   2018/01/31

T-Systems, a German company that offers IT solution and service has a partnership with Brazil’s Embratel to provide contection based on the concept of Internet of Things (IoT). This aggrement will allow the IoT service of German that already provided in Eurap, China and America to be offered in Brazil.

Therefore, T-Systems Brazil is a department of Deutsche Telekom, offering business service and information conmunication technology (ICT) solution, uses mobile operater Claro become mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) early this year. Ideval Munhoz, president of T-Systems Brazil says: “Every large scale company needs to connect to the IoT app they want to achieve. The cooperation bewteen we and Embratel makes T-system Brazil and Deutsche Telekom be enable to bring innovate service for Brazil’s market.”

The IoT service of Deutsche Telekom allows its users easily operate and control the conmunication of M2M in real time. Therefore, business can use related data plan and transportation data to monitor all M2M cards.

Besides, users can activate, stop and disable their M2M SIM card and change their data plan and funcation. To control data transmission, alerts are created for each card with automatic notifications. The portal is accessible via a secure connection, and its features promise to be easily integrated with existing IT environments, thanks to application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be used automatically.

According to the data of T-system, cars, energy, healthcare and logistics companies operate native IoT solution over the world. These companies bring the most kinds of mobile integeration and distence control into head office. And it achieves the real-time monitor of data consumption and remote control of manchin and its operation satus. Therefore, the IoT Service Portal from Deutsche Telekom was developed, providing managed connectivity around the world.

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