TE Wire&Cable and Plataine come up with intelligent thermocouple solutions by using RFID technology

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Thermocouple wire manufacturer TE Wire and provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based optimization software Plataine announced the partnership for Smart Thermocouple Solutions. The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) software to track the location and usage-based status of its temperature-monitoring products.

This solution, TE Wire & Cable reports, may be the first to leverage RFID  in its industry for this purpose. By adopting the RFID function of the new intelligent thermocouple, the manufacturing customers of TE Wire & Cable can accurately identify the time that the thermocouple needs to be replaced, without manually recording the data, and then quickly find the device inside the device. Joseph Ugalde, marketing analyst at TE Wire & Cable, said the technology also provides real-time alarms and recommendations for thermocouple calibration.

TE Wire and Cable collaborated with Plataine to develop a solution that consists of smart thermocouples embedded in RFID tags. These companies offer RFID readers to capture transmissions from tags, as well as Plataine’s IoT AI-based software. Amir Ben-assa, chief marketing officer at Plataine, explains that Plataine has provided a variety of RFID and IoT based solutions for asset or tool tracking in an industrial environment.

The company reported that the smart Thermocouple and its predecessor, TE Wire & cable products are the same, but it will include a passive UHF RFID chip, placed on the device on the imprint. The chip will store a unique ID number that links to a specific product’s serial number in Plataine’s cloud computing software. Users using Smart Thermocouples need a fixed RFID reader to capture the label transfer. For this purpose, TE Wire & Cable will work with customers to identify and install the best card reader for each particular facility and use case, Ugalde said.

Currently the system is being tested in Plataine’s lab, after which some customers of TE Wire & Cable are planning to start testing the technology at their own factories.

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