The Application of IoT in Smart City

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Nancy   2018/01/29

According to the report, about one in six Americans are using smart voice indentification products now. The data has increased 128% since January 2017. The popularity of smart voice assistant highlight an importence of platform easy to visit how to help business offer new service for clients.

Improving client service and decreasing the cost of these service are parts of the smart city project integrated with IoT technology. For example, light and trush can will be smarter by adding the link of small size sencors and monitor platform. City workers can meet the demands of social and safety.

There are an app called Street Bump to handle the problem of routine street maintenance work in Boston. Citizens can devote for the road maintenance work by seeing the app. Because the app record and report the dangerous location imformation in city. This case shows the strength of citizens and the effort of nation government how to use the app and usage imformation platform for improving citizen service.

IoT and smart devices will achieve smarter transportation plan and better use the resourse in the city. It also helps lead service to the place that they are needed most. Creating tranparent data can show the city how to considerthe resource and manage other service. These tools will improve the productivity of government and acknowledge of govermemt’s efficiency and openness.

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