The Application of Nexqo’s RFID Wristband in Hospital

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Nancy    2018/02/02

RFID wristband is a kind of smart and irregular shaped Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)card that is durable and easy to wear on the wrist. The shape of RFID wristband is similar to watch, and it’s comfortable to wear and it’s decorative with beautiful appearance.

Nexqo can provide four kinds of RFID wristbands: paper wristband, PVC wristband, silicone wristband and fabric wristband. The wristband can be customized according to customer’s requirement with different colors and crafts. Nxquo uses high-quality materials, and the silicone wristbands are waterproof. Nexqo’s RFID wristband can identify multiple targets at the same time with non-contact. And the data can be modified at any time, therefore, it’s stable, convenient and practical.

RFID wristbands are used for healthcare. With a large number of casualties on the disaster site, scanning a wristband allows the doctor to determine which patients need the first surgery and which ones can be treated later. When there is a need for emergency personnel, the information of the wounded can be pre-sent to the hospital by scanning the chip. This can help doctors to determine the surgical plan in advance. When the wounded arrived at the hospital, they can be treated in the first time. After a preliminary calculation, this “wristband surgery” system can improve the efficiency of surgery in traditional disaster by more than 3 times.

RFID wristband can also be applied to neonatal safety. Hospital will release RFID wristbands for the newborn babies and their mothers. The signal detectors are installed on ward areas, entrances and exits of ward and important external channels to real-time grasp the baby’s location. If the baby leaves the ward without permission, the system immediately activates the alarm. And according to the alarm level, the alarm can appear in the nursing station and security monitoring center at the same time. When a baby appears with other unbound mothers or nurses in the same area, the system analyzes the situation according to the pre-set logic and sends an alert. The system automatically analyzes whether the situation is wrong or not, and the caregiver can also check by mobile terminal.

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