The Application of RFID in Footwear Store

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Nancy   2017/12/15

Dec. 15, 2017, shoe store Sapati in Cascavel of Brazil is ranning a radio frequency identification (RFID) platform to test clients’s innovative experience. This campany is completing its operation in first year and reports that its sales increase 100%. Vanderlei Kichel, the CEO of enterprise resource planning (ERP) company SetaDigital, leading this plan and paying high attention to shoe industry.

In term of Kichel, clients like the RFID experience, it can simplify the sale process and allow them shop over one minite. It also reduces the work that needs to be done in sale.

Kichel notes, “I’m negotiating with footwear industry to use RFID technology. Some companies can put tags in goods, because they are their own marketers and manufacturers. It also helps control industry stock. Besides, if make tags insert to shoes, other serives can be concentrated in the total process of goods moving, even can use RFID to prevent theft.

Some clients who visit Digital Arrow of Saqati know this technology and are interested in solution of controlling stock, buying Sapati’s technology in the end. “The onther technologies in the solution like augmented reality work with RFID,”Kichel said, “it attracts clients too”.

“Another growing trend is omnichannel retailing has turned into a hit,” Kiche said, “We have around 40 clients who are selling with e-commerce in physiacl store and e-market places. Some of those companies are looking for the way to control stock by RFID, because this technology is only way can allow to combine between channels to 100%”.

Kichel notes, “We can evaluate the industry’s pain, test and develop tools and sell a mature solution with the store. We also can deal with bottlenecks at any time. My company invests $1 million in innovation every year.”

SetaDigital is investing 1.5 million Brazilian real ($462,000) to expand its service to Latin American countries like Peru, Mexico, Chile and Argentina, then, to the United States. There are only generic software products that do not serve the end-to-end industry in these regions. There are the highest per capita consumption of footwear in the US, Kichel said.

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