The application of RFID technology in concerts, changes your music experience

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The future of the music industry is still largely unknown, especially when it comes to technology. But advances in technology will change the way venues work in many ways. We will introduce the results of technological reforms which change our live music experience in four ways.

  1. RFID will simplify and accelerate admission

At the festival, you may see people using radio frequency identification (RFID) badges or wristbands to quickly pass through the entrance or into the VIP area. RFID is short for radio frequency identification. It works by reading an RFID chip embedded in a badge or wristband.

In recent years, RFID has become the standard for music festivals and other events. In fact, this technology has existed for decades. For example, the hotel’s door card, the payment equipment in the car, and the employee’s security badge. You may also have seen people who participated in the event post photos of wristbands on social media.

  1. Digital payment will become the norm

Cashless payments start with credit and debit cards, and non-contact payments such as AliPay are now ubiquitous. The next stage is to pay with a smartphone app supported by an RFID badge, wristband or credit card.

  1. Selling tickets through social media and apps will be common

Fans now want to be able to spot events and buy tickets directly on the most widely used apps and websites. Firstly fans learn about this event on social media sites such as weibo and WeChat, and then purchase tickets directly in this app. It is a seamless process and does not require jumping to another website or software.

  1. Data analysis will help you manage consumption

You can get all the data, such as ticket sales, the number of viewers and the advertising effect. It comes from tracking links, marketing pixels, Google Analytics and RFID etc. Many venues have relied on this type of data to predict viewers’ needs and improve their advertising effectiveness and ticket sales.

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