The Application of RFID Technology in Kindergarten

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Nancy   2018/01/30

The responsibility of parents is picking up their kids every day. To regulate the management, the kindergarten generally do not allow that parents discretionary access in addition to the stipulated time. As a result, a large number of parents are waiting in front of the school to pick up students. This is very difficult for managers. Once there are illegal personnel mixed, it will bring security risks. Then a system that addresses the quick identification of parents without affecting the speed of traffic will be needed by kindergartens.

Therefore, Recas ​​technology specifically creates a kindergarten shuttle management system for kindergarten. The system uses RFID technology to read cards automatically, it’s convenient and quick, so that the speed and efficiency of children attending school and after school pick-up significantly improved.

Parents check in by using card to replace the traditional manual sign. It improves work efficiency and the accuracy of child delivery. The information of parents stored in the pick-up and drop-off system. Parents pick up the card when the child passes the access door, the system automatically identify the parent’s pick-up card. The photos of children and parents and other information will display on the computer LED screen. Such as security can check relevant information provided through the system by inquiring the parents. Computer can also record each pick person’s photo and time. The system automatically sends an audible and visual alarm when there is no card in and out. If the card is lost, parents can report the loss.

The system can also be applied to other aspects. For example, in the field of school doctors, a doctor examines a fever or other symptoms for kids, when they walk through a tunnel to the vicinity of a health care practitioner, and the doctor only needs to put the card close to the back of the tablet, and the student information immediately displayed on the screen. Doctors just click on the child corresponding symptoms, the system can complete the registration.

Attendance data of the system fully services for all departments, from class teachers to the financial, school doctors, canteens, kindergarten leaders for the first time from the system to obtain the data they need. Kindergarten security and management have been improved through the information technology.

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