The Application of RFID Technology in Subway Construction Management

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Nancy   2018/01/12

With the rapid development of society, modern information management tools have been applied to all walks of life. Informationization has not only improved the efficiency of managers, but also improved the level of delicacy management. Here to tell you about RFID technology in the subway construction management applications.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a communication technology that can identify specific targets by radio signals and read and write related data without having to identify the system and establish mechanical or optical contact between the specific goals.

RFID is also considered as an intelligent barcode, but RFID has far surpassed the traditional QR code and barcode in the automatic identification and data collection. The advantage of QR code and bar code is low cost, but managers must use mobile phones or specialized management devices to scan QR code to read information. RFID as long as in the range of tag can be read and wrote, staff use handheld or fixed reader can easily scan all the tags to get information quickly and accurately.

For a long time in the subway, the refinement of construction management or dynamic management of builders has always been a major problem. Subway projects tend to be long lines and complex processes. Each team has a large number of builders and different work processes need to be cross-linked. It is difficult to achieve the level of refinement through traditional means. And managers don’t know the construction location and distribution of the builders in the subway by the traditional means.

Through RFID technology, we can implant a coin-sized chip into the helmet of a field worker. The chip can not only accurately record the times of workers going in and out of work and the times of entering and exiting, but also track workers in real time. Combined with the relevant development APP, managers can hold the dynamic situation of the scene in real time from anywhere by mobile phone. Once the abnormal situation is found, the corresponding measures will be taken to rescue as soon as possible.

In the work of safety execution, we can input all kinds of information such as education information, personal information into the computer, so that the managers can quickly and easily understand the situation of every worker in the field and called out their name, there is a lot of benefits to the management of the site. On the other hand, identification of RFID about field key personnel , but also to regulate the daily work of construction companies to manage staff, and urge the job site staff on duty, also easy to follow-up, so that management can minimize the loopholes.

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