The Applications of RFID in Logistics

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Nancy   2018/02/06

At present, many logistics companies point out using RFID technology is a very important thing. Because the special requests about logistics of some clients, the advantigies of RFID technology are suitable for these requests. Some ligistics companies adopt RFID technology in advance, so that they have an advantige to compete with other businesses.

In warehouses, RFID technology is used most extensively to access goods and inventory to achieve automating operations such as stocking and picking up. The RFID technology and supply chain planning system developed receiving, pickup, shipping and other plans. This not only enhances the accuracy and speed of operation, making the service quality, reduce costs, labor and inventory savings have been achieved. At the same time, it reduces the entire logistics process due to the misuse of goods, damagement of inventory and shipping errors. RFID system will be used for intelligent warehouse management of goods, RFID completely and effectively solve management problems of information on the warehouse and the flow of goods.

RFID tags are affixed in the goods and vehicles, RFID receiving repeaters are installed on the checkpoints of the transport line. In this way, after receiving the RFID tag information in the receiving device, the information along with the receiving location is uploaded to the communication satellite, and then the information is transmitted to the transportation dispatch center by the satellite and sent to the database.

The use of RFID technology in the delivery process can greatly accelerate the delivery speed and improve the efficiency and accuracy in picking and distribution process, and reduce labor and distribution costs. The system checks this information against the shipping record, detects any errors that may occur, and updates the RFID tag. Inventory control is precisely managed and even an exact understanding of how many other containers are in transit, the origin and destination of transshipment, and the expected arrival time are still available.

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